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DIY Kids' Grief Journal Pt. 3 + Guided Journals for Purchase

After covering adult grief journals and teen grief journals over the past two months, it's time to take a look a kids' grief journals. Many children are deeply affected after miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant death. While some will show that in obvious ways, others will be more quiet and reserved, but affected nonetheless. A guided grief journal can be a helpful tool to invite a grieving child to share their thoughts and feelings. It can give them a special space to process their grief.

I created the following print-outs for children to create their own grief journals. You can use a folder or a binder. Or you could even hole-punch all of the pages starting with the label page and following with as many journal pages as you'd like. Then, tie a bow with yarn or a ribbon in each hole to bind the journal together.

Have the child write their name and deceased sibling's name on the label. The child can also personalize the label by coloring and drawing on it.

If you are using a folder or a binder, cut out the label and tape it onto the folder or binder cover. Next, hole-punch the journal pages and place them inside of the folder or binder. If you don't have a folder with prongs, place the pages in the folder pockets. Please note that if you are using a folder with prongs, some of the words will be cut off (see pic above). My apologies! This isn't a problem if you are using a binder, folder pockets, or binding the pages with yarn as described above.

If your child is able to write on his or her own, have your child fill in the guided journal questions. If your child is not able to write on his or her own, help him or her to read and write out their answers. They can even color and draw on each journal page. Once a child has completed the page for the day, encourage them to share their responses with you. This journal not only helps kids to process their grief. It also helps kids share their thoughts and feelings with the adults in their lives.

Download the label and journal page by clicking the download button below:

Children's Grief Journal
Download • 43KB

Children's Grief Journals for Purchase

Curious about children's guided grief journals for purchase? Here are a couple that are available.

My Grief Journal

by Mindful Champs

This UK-based company has created a journal packed with guided prompts and kid-specific information about grieving. The pages are colorful and appealing. There is a ribbon to keep your place. Motivational stickers are included. While the suggested age range is 6-13, Mindful Champs notes that the journal could possibly be helpful to other ages.

Grief + Loss: A Workbook for Children

by Kate Borsato

This grief journal comprised of 18 printable worksheets is a gem of a find. The worksheets nicely formatted and the activities are substantial. Creator Kate Borsato says that she fashioned these worksheets for adults to help facilitate healing conversations and activities with the grieving child or children in their lives.

Do you know of any other children's grief journals for purchase? Feel free to share in the comments!


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