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Sibling Remembrance Bracelets

When I was a kid, I remember bracelet making was so much fun. What was even more interesting about it was that there were many ways to make a bracelet with special meaning. Charm bracelets, best friend bracelets, name bracelets- you name it!

I was recently inspired to create a tutorial for a Sibling Remembrance Bracelet because of the deep symbolism that can be a part of jewelry making. These can be entirely personalized to make something that is meaningful for each child.

One pipe cleaner and corresponding bead will stand for the deceased sibling. The other pipe cleaner and bead will stand for the living sibling. The pipe cleaners are twisted around each other to symbolize how the lives of both living and deceased siblings are intertwined, connected forever!

Here is how to do it:

Supplies you'll need:

-a selection of pipe cleaners of different colors


*Note: I used plastic pony beads for this tutorial. They come in packs with many color options, and they fit nicely on the pipe cleaners. You can use any beads you would like. Letter beads may be used as a nice touch. Just make sure that the hole is large enough to fit on the pipe cleaner.

Step 1: Have child select two pipe cleaners and two beads

Have the child choose one pipe cleaner and bead to represent him or herself and another pipe cleaner and bead to represent the deceased child. Encourage them to be creative and really think about colors that remind them of their sibling. In this example, the child could have chosen a pink pipe cleaner and green bead for herself because pink is her favorite color and her birthstone is green. She could have chosen an orange pipe cleaner and blue bead for her deceased sibling because she remembers that he wore an orange onesie when she met him and your family likes to place blue flowers at his grave. Allow your child to really think and consider what he or she would like to choose.

Step 2: String the beads onto the pipe cleaners

Approximate where the middle of the pipe cleaners are and string the beads to that point.

Step 3: Twist the pipe cleaners together

Start by twisting them together one side and continue until you reach the other side. Allow the two beads to nestle by one another.

Step 4: Create a loop

One one end of the bracelet, create a crook shape about the size of an adult's thumb. Twist it into place.

Step 5: Help the child put it on

Place the bracelet on the child's wrist with the two ends coming up toward you.

Pull the other end through the loop that you created.

Twist the end you just pulled through the loop around the bracelet to secure the bracelet onto the child's wrist.

Now you're all done!

I hope that this bracelet is an enjoyable craft to make and serves as a reminder that those siblings who have died are forever a part of us!


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