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Valentine's Day Memorial Card

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

We make Valentine's Day cards as a way of showing others we love them, and I thought, why not do the same for the siblings that we love but are no longer with us? Here is a tutorial to make a lovely card to memorialize your "siblings still" this Valentine's Day!

Before we begin, I want to give a special shout-out to parents Ashley and Chris and siblings Hailey, Curtis, Melody, and Ember whose babies are memorialized in the card on this tutorial! Their beautiful sibling Eliana who passed away actually has a birthday on Valentine's Day!

Casey, Aubrey, Jacob, Eliana, and Sutton- You are forever loved!

Step 1: Gather the supplies

For this project, you will need:

Valentine's Day colored construction paper


markers (I chose colors to coordinate with the paper)


glue (I forgot to include the glue, so forgive my inserted pic...hehe)

Step 2: Fold red paper to begin making card

Fold the paper first "hamburger style," with the top folding down to touch the bottom. Then fold "hot dog style," with one side folding over to touch the other side.

Step 3: Draw half-heart shape

Using your pencil, draw the outline of a half heart. I used marker so that it is easier to see.

Note: At the top of the heart, allow for there to be a couple of inches where the heart will not be cut. I am pointing to this spot in the picture. This will be the "hinges" that will allow the heart to be a card that can open and close.

Step 4: Cut out the heart card

Cut along the heart that you sketched out with your pencil. When finished cutting, unfold to reveal the heart.

Step 5: Write the message on the front

Use a marker to write "A sibling's love is forever!" on the front. You can add any drawings or doodles that you would like to decorate the front of the card.

Step 6: Make small hearts for the inside of the card

Each small heart will represent a sibling who has died. You can make these hearts as big or small as they need to be in order to fit on the inside of the card. You can make your small hearts the same way you made the large heart at the beginning. Just fold the construction paper and make the shape of a half heart along the fold using a pencil.

Step 7: Cut out the small hearts

Step 8: Write names on the small hearts

Step 9: Glue hearts to the inside of the card

Step 9: Let it dry

And that's it!

Now you have a beautiful card memorializing your siblings this Valentine's Day! Put your card in a place that is special to you. It could be by your sibling's picture or in a special memory book.

Here's to a Valentine's Day remembering everyone who we love, those who are alive and those who have died.



PS- Does your child want to share the card he or she has made? Send a picture of it to

mlacourrege1 (at) gmail (dot) com and it can be featured on the "Art Spotlight" page on!

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